Effective from 1st April 2020

Initial Consultation (1- 1½ hours) £131.30.

This includes a full history, general physical examination, orthopaedic and neurological examination and treatment in the clinic as needed.  You will receive a detailed report on your pet and recommendations for treatment in the clinic and at home.  Your referring Veterinary Surgeon will receive a veterinary referral report and then regular updates.

Follow up consultation/reassessment (15 mins) – £38.90

Physiotherapy, acupuncture or hydrotherapy£73.50 (this includes a £15.80 recheck charge).

Treatments can sometimes be combined at the same appointment.  If this is the case each treatment is charged at £52.50.

For example acupuncture and hydrotherapy on the same visit would be £105 (2x £52.50) and again includes a £15.80 recheck charge.

Laser Treatment – £36.70 – 72.50 (this includes a £15.80 recheck charge).

Sole treatment (laser only appointment) – 1-9 minutes of laser therapy £36.70, 10-19 minutes of laser therapy £47.30, 20-29 mins of laser therapy £72.50.

It is possible to have laser as an additional treatment – 1-9 minutes of laser treatment £26.30, 10+ minutes of laser treatment £31.50.

Radial Pressure Wave (radial shockwave) treatment £49.90+ (this includes a £15.80 recheck charge).

Up to two sites – £49.90  Each additional site – £10.50  

As an additional treatment – £42.  Each additional site – £10.50

All treatments are performed by RCVS registered qualified Veterinary Surgeons.